Project Curious

A wall undergoes a metamorphosis – how does that work?

From April 6 to 10, three artists Harald Hinz, David Radon and Steffen Mischke designed a wall at the Foto-Motel Kassel – under the guidance of Rahel Grothus, an art therapist-to-be.

The project, which kicks off “City as School,” was an experiment in engaging with wall design in a transformative way. 
On each of the five days, Rahel formulated work steps that were then interpreted by the artists in individual ways.
The surface was arranged day by day with different themes and expressions of the protagonists. For example, on the second day, the artists were asked to sculpt something out of clay and then transfer it to the wall.

The process and the work within the group were in the foreground, along with the metamorphosis of the carrier material. Das Spannungsfeld zwischen Altem und Neuem war elementarer Bestandteil des Projekts – auf Grundlage der Dynamik und der spontanen Handlungen der K√ľnstler.

We had an intense time and are pleased that the team of RTL Hessen visited us on the penultimate day and reported on the project as well as the graffiti audio guide. You can find the report here.

We would like to thank Elfi Eckart from Foto-Motel for her hospitality and the opportunity to design the wall again!